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Our secure storage facility

We now offer secure storage in our container storage. 

  • Storage in locked yard - entry by keyholders only
  • Covered by 24hr C.C.T.V. cameras
  • Clean & weatherproof
  • 40 cubic feet units
  • Monthly rental

Secure storage outer

Our secured containers

Secure storage inner

Clean & Weatherproof

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During our years in the removals industry, we have discovered time and time again that not all dealings with house purchases etc go as smoothly as expected  In fact it's probably more of an exception than the rule. 

So, oftentimes customers have had exchange dates changed on them and have needed storage for their possessions in the meantime.                                              Sometimes they have just underestimated the size of items of furniture going into the new peoperty and need to store them before selling, but whatever the reason, storage is required.  In response to the demand, we began supplying storage for the use of our removal customers.  Our containers are in a locked yard on a site which is monitored by security guards.  Additionally, storage is covered by 24 hour C.C.T.V. cameras.                                            

Our containers measure 40 cubic feet and we can offer either part of the space or the entire container(s) for hire, depending on your requirements. All storage containers are clean, safe and weatherproof and are available on either a long or short term basis at a very reasonable rate. 

If you think you might require the use of our storage facility, it can be discussed either during your quote appointment or at a later date.  We always try to accomodate the needs of our customers.

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