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Sometimes, customers are unable to do their own packing due to bad health, lack of time and a thousand other different reasons and so we offer a complete packaging service.  We can duscuss this option during your quote and refine the service to your requirements.

Many of our customers find this service to be the best way to help keep stress at a minimum during what can be a very trying time, as this allows more time to deal wuth the finer details of the removal.

We arrange a convenient time for the packing team to visit your property, either on the removal day or the day before.   We can pack all your possessions for you ,or just some of it.  It's entirely up to you.  If it's a larger property then our packing team will work alongside our removal team for efficiency.

If you have chosen our wrap & pack service, then we will supply all materials required and you have no need to worry,  we have everything covered.

Should you wish to carry out your own packing then we can supply you with all your materials.  Just let us know what you need and we'll deliver it to your doorquickly and free of charge.

Please see our price list below.

Most popular buys

Wardrobe boxes   £20.00 each

Book boxes            £  2.50 each (approx. 12x15x18)                        Bubble wrap          £12.00 per roll (approx 3ft wide)                        Bubble wrap          £  8.00 per roll (approx 1ft wide)                        Wrapping paper    £10.00 per roll                                                          Packing tape          £   4.00 per roll

All other packaging materials are available.  All other prices on request.

Wardrobe box
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