Terms & Conditions

All work carried out by trustkev.com is subject to the following terms and conditions.


Changes can only be made by trustkev.com in writing and must be submitted and signed by both parties before the job commences. It is the customers responsibility to read all terms and conditions and it is highly recommended that these are read by the customer, in full, before booking services from trustkev.com.

DEPOSITS - a deposit of up to 30% may be required in busy periods to secure booking slots. When this is required, deposits must be paid no later than 48 hours prior to the job. All deposits will be deducted from the final payment.

 If a customer cancels a booking 7 days before the job is due the deposit is fully refundable. If the job is cancelled within 7 days the customer will be refunded 50% of the deposit and if the job is cancelled within 48 hours of the due date then the deposit is non-refundable. In all cases it is possible to re-book jobs into the nearest available slot.

 PACKAGING - Once all packaging has been paid for the agreed items become property of the customer. When using trustkev.com for a pack and wrap service all items will arrive the day packing commences. If trustkev.com are to simply supply packaging, payment for all required items must be paid in full in advance or upon delivery. Where agreed trustkev.com will happily collect and recycle all used boxes at a convenient time to all parties.

ADDITIONAL WORK - Any additional needs must be stated prior to any quotes given. Any additional work required on the day may incur an extra charge.

PAYMENT - If you are paying by cash or by debit/credit card, this can be paid on the day of the job. When paying by bank transfer or Pay Pal this must be paid before the job commences or on the morning of the move. If paying by PayPal an additional fee may be added to cover payment fees unless this is already included into the quote. 

 PARKING - It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that adequate and legal parking is provided. Any permits or permission slips must be provided by the customer and it is also the customers responsibility to inform us of any nearby tolls or congestion charged areas. Failure to comply with these terms will result in any fines being sent and charged to the customer.

 DAMAGES - trustkev.com cannot take any responsibility for the safety of items where the customer has opted to self pack and wrap their belongings. Fragile items must be clearly labelled. trustkev.com will always endeavour to take the greatest of care with your belongings but when not using our pack and wrap service it is the customers responsibility to ensure that all belongings are in a safe state to be transported. 

All of our staff are trained and experienced but accidents can, of course, happen. Any damages caused directly by us will be rectified by us on a repair/like for like replacement bases. All damages MUST be reported to us before we leave the job. Damage claims made after the job is completed and trustkev.com has left the property will not be accepted.

Any electrical appliances that have problems after the move will require a full inspection to determine whether this was caused by trustkev.com. Where no external damage is reported whilst on site we will not accept responsibility for those damages.

 We are fully insured for our own protection. In some circumstances we can provide extra cover for an additional fee but where more valuable items are to be transported it is highly recommended that the customer take out their own removals insurance.


SAFETY - It is required by trustkev.com that the customer takes full responsibility of all children, pets and other distractions.

 HUMAN TRAFFIC - Once work commences it is the responsibilty to ensure that all children, family members, pets and vehicles are kept away from all working areas for their own safety.

 CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE - Any items damaged whilst in the customers control or when the customer is assisting with lifting will not be covered by trustkev.com. If a customer were to be injured whist helping or working on a job they would not be covered by trustkev.com. Any customer involvement is at their own risk.

 COMPLAINTS - Any complaints are to be made via email and will be answered in a timely and professional manner.

 ABUSE - trustkev.com reserve the right to refuse or cease a job at any point if any member of staff is abused verbally or otherwise.

 PAINTS & FLUIDS - Any unsealed paints or fluids will not be transported by trustkev.com and we reserve the right to refuse transportation of any fluid contents when not suitably packaged by the customer. This also includes any flammables or gas bottles.