We have been shocked in recent experience to discover just how much it costs to dispose of certain items at landfill sites in our area!  These disposal costs unfortunatley must be passed down to our customers........

But in an effort to reduce our own carbon footprint 

and those of our customers we do endeavour whenever we can to save "stuff" from landfill.

On visiting customers for disposal reasons I often find myself looking at perfectly good items of furniture etc and asking the reason for disposal.....nine times out of ten customers have upgraded etc and have no further use of the old item. 

In these cases, I sometimes ask if the customer would mind the item being made available to someone who may be able to find a use for it, and without exception the answer is generally "yes, please do."

No-one wants to see more than necessary to be land-filled!


 If you are interested in any of the items shown please contact us either by telephone on

07939 879197


 email kevin

 We are aiming to reduce OUR carbon footprint whenever possible,

and so on behalf of our customers we are offering the following items.......




*Although we will make no charge for any item offered by a customer for the use of another, we may have to make a small delivery charge if the item cannot be collected by the buyer.



 (Please be patient with me on this page as items tend to come and go rather quickly

 and it is always difficult to keep it current!)